Thursdays 7:15pm - Yin




Tuesdays 630a - Power

As an avid runner, Kate found herself on a yoga mat in 2001 with the intention of supplementing her marathon training.   This first class in Washington D.C. was where Kate's initial spark of passion was ignited.   Yoga quickly became her means of cultivating balance in her physical, spiritual and mental self.  Kate's experience as a teacher has come from the Yoga Tree Teacher Training Program and continual practice.   Her inspirational mentors include Darren Main, Janet Stone, Elise Lorimer and Rodney Yee.  Kate as well is able to draw from an extensive background in the Health and Wellness Field.  After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in '03, she was stationed at the Pentagon for 3 years where she served as Command Fitness Leader.  In 2005, Kate spent her weekends traveling to NYC to obtain a license in Holistic Health Counseling through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.   As a yoga teacher, Kate brings a blend of styles to the floor where she emphasizes core strength, flexibility, balance, and breath control.  The first half of her class is focused on stamina where students will flow through powerful sun salutations.  The second half is spent loosening shortened muscles and strengthening weakened muscles, while concentrating on proper physical and energetic alignment.  Kate strives to enhance the fluidity and strength of her student's bodies.




Mondays 12pm - Power
Mondays and Wednesdays 6p - Power
Saturday 9:30a - Power

“Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.” —Paulo Coelho

Mary received her certification in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the It’s Yoga Rocket through Larry Schultz at It’s Yoga. She also completed the Sadhana Yoga Chi training with Doug Swenson. Her firm belief that the best way to approach any challenging posture is with a strong breath, an adventurous spirit and a playful smile stems from a dedicated practice with Amme Hill. Mary encourages a practice that builds strength and flexibility in the body as well as the mind.



Monday 7:40p - Foundations of Flow

Charles S. Jasper is a long-time student of yoga and meditation, and began teaching Hatha yoga in the flow form 8 years ago. He draws extensively upon 21 years experience as a chiropractor. He is currently in private practice as a clinical psychologist, consulting with individuals, couples, and groups in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. He expresses a love and respect for teaching, and the relationships that grow out of spiritual practice.  His classes flow from an integration of effort and ease, rooted in mindfulness.



Thursdays noon - Power
Tuesdays 6:30pm - Power

Christie Marshall is committed to a life of learning and sharing. She is filled with gratitude for the insight she has gained through her over thirteen years of practicing yoga. She originally started a regular yoga practice with the intention of creating more stability and balance in her body after her first foot surgery, and has since immersed herself in Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.

Christie teaches a grounding, energetic and powerful Vinyasa Flow to open the physical body, deepen mental awareness, and awaken the spirit.  She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and has studied with such inspiring mentors as Baron Baptiste, Patty Ivey, Sarah Powers, and Rusty Wells.
Yoga permeates every part of Christie’s life. She believes that yoga should be accessible to each individual; the mind is the only thing that holds us back from recognizing our highest potential—not tight hamstrings, hips, or shoulders.

Christie has been a lifelong educator in diverse fields with a master’s degree in Education and Human Development.  She is excited to share her passion for yoga, guiding yoga practitioners to a deeper understanding of asana, breath, mindfulness, and conscious movement.

You can learn more about Christie by visiting her website:

Alyssa - PG SF yoga instructor


Tuesday 7p - Vinyasa

Alyssa’s greatest joy is the language of the body and sharing movement with others. As an explorer of dance, sports and martial arts since the age of three, she realizes that the essence of all movement goes beyond any one discipline and taps into the source that connects us all. Alyssa’s approach is one of open curiosity and she encourages each person’s unique journey. Alyssa has been teaching yoga for eight years.  She completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest and her primary teachers are Thomas Fortel, Max Thomas, and Charu Rachlis.  Alyssa is also an experienced body worker, trained at Esalen Institute, and she maintains a thriving practice in San Francisco. To learn more about Alyssa, please visit



Friday 5:45p - Vinyasa

Silvie turned to yoga to alleviate her chronic lower back pain that she suffered since her teenage years. However, it was the sheer pleasure of movement and challenge that made her stick to the practice. But yes, her body got stronger, and her pain went away. Energized and rejuvenated, she found a way to a more balanced life. Since then, Silvie’s practice has become a way that helps her tap into the natural state of inner peace and strength.

Silvie’s inspiring and engaging teaching style makes her one of the most sought-after yoga teachers in San Francisco. In her classes, she incorporates smart sequencing into strong flow intertwined with deep and steady breath. Her emphasis on healthy alignment and inward focus lead students deeper into their practice. Teaching with integrity, compassion, and intuition, Silvie provides safe space for students to explore their practice in a way that fosters their growth and well-being.

Having over 500 hours of training and 6 years of teaching experience, she has extensively studied with Ana Forrest and Stephanie Snyder, and has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Jason Crandell and Mark Whitwell. In addition to her yoga certification, she holds a degree in Social Work and a degree in Communication Studies.



Thursdays 6:30am - Power

Diana has studied Iyengar, Kripalu, and Power yoga with a host of teachers including Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, and Rodney Yee. 

Her teaching and practice has transformed over the years to an integrated vinyasa flow melding the teachings of her primary teachers Rodney Yee, and Shiva Rea.  She also teaches the meditative practice of Yin Yoga with a foundation from the teachings of Paul Grilley and  Sarah Powers.  Most recently, Diana completed her YogaWorks certification and is a leader in the YogaWorks teacher training program.
Diana's passion is to create the space for us to experience the vitality and freedom as well as the beauty of our humanity through the movement of our minds and bodies in our yoga practice and through our deep connection to each other and nature.

Diana is grateful for all of her teachers who have shared their wisdom and expertise, to her students who continue to inspire and inform with their passion and courage, and to the beauty and complexity of life. She lives in Mill Valley, California where she teaches classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats both locally and abroad.

Janet - pg yoga instructor


Monday 7:30pm - Vinyasa
Wednesday 7p
- Foundations of Flow
Sundays 11:15a - Vinyasa

Janet Carter loves yoga and it shows in her vibrant and energetic class.  Blending the precision of alignment with movement and breath awareness, she offers her students a dynamic and centering practice.  Janet began by studying Ashtanga Yoga.  She has since trained extensively in the Anusara tradition and most recently has completed the YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training.  Janet appreciates how this ancient practice continually brings harmony to  the body, mind and spirit. It is a never ending journey of discovery and transformation.  She encourages students to personalize their practice and to relate what they learn on the mat, in life off of the mat. Taking that feeling of bliss that we have after a yoga practice and spreading it; that is the power of yoga.


Tuesday 4:30p - Vinyasa
Thursday 4:30p - Vinyasa
Saturday 11:15am - Vinyasa

Jacqui has studied movement through dance since childhood. She has been stretching, twisting, binding and playing with the physical form for years and continues to be fascinated with what the body is able to do.

She teaches a challenging vinyasa flow class, with a strong emphasis on alignment, breathe and modifying as needed. Jacqui has been climbing for four years, and believes yoga is a wonderful compliment, especially for the shoulders, chest and overall flexibility that would give you an advantage on the wall. Learning about the breathe, how to breath effectively and how to quiet the mind has played an instrumental part in growing as a climber.


Wednesday 12pm - Power

Tom has been teaching yoga full time since 2002, and has completed over 700 hours of teacher training. His main influence are Rusty Wells, Stephanie Snyder, and Baron Baptiste. Tom’s classes are rooted in the concept of Ahimsa (non-harming), and he encourages his students to strive for joy, and equanimity, on and off the mat.


Tuesdays noon - Power
Fridays noon - Power

Yoga was first introduced to Lindsay as a form of cross training to strengthen, stretch and increase her balance and flexibility for sports.
It was just another form of exercise until her body and mind quickly began to change. She discovered her practice could elevate her into a blissful dance of breath and movement. Lindsay believes that when we consciously breathe we surrender to the present moment, we let go of what has been holding us back so to we shift into a space of accepting and honoring our selves. She believes that we have the power to change ourselves, our experiences and our world just by breathing more consciously. Her vinyasa yoga classes elevates you to discover your higher power through embracing the transformation experience created through synchronizing conscious movement and breath. Through teaching yoga she hopes to create communities that are inspired to initiate the change we need to make this world a better place. She believes this global shift starts with you, with your breath, on your yoga mat.


Mondays 6:30pm - Abs & Core
Wednesday 6pm - Abs & Core
Fridays 6pm - Abs & Core

Alison grew up in New York pursuing any form of movement she could get involved in. After many embarrassing trial-and-error attempts in the team-sports arena, her loves of swimming and dancing won out. After completing her degree at the University of Miami, she headed to San Francisco to become a flight attendant and pursued her passion for fitness by specializing in personal training for flight crewmembers while traveling the world.

In 2013 she launched Goldilocks Training, an outdoor bootcamp and group fitness company in San Francisco that aims to eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness. She avidly pursues and studies all forms of training and group fitness modalities in an effort to bring her clients an open-minded total body approach to their health and wellness. In addition to her love of hiking and all outdoor activities in this perfect San Francisco climate, she aims each day to: run a little further, train a little harder, and gain a little more willpower against baked goods.


Wednesday 7:45pm - Restorative
Fridays 6:45pm
- Yin

Scott intuitively combines ancient Hatha yoga techniques with modern scientific principles to allow the mind and body to gravitate toward a state of wholeness. His classes integrate passive restorative and yin techniques to release deeply held tension and balance the body’s subtle energy. Allow your breath to do the work while Scott guides your awareness into a refreshing and rejuvenating yoga experience.


Thursday 6:00p - Power
Thursday 7:00p - Vinyasa

essica is first, and foremost, a ginger. Like her locks, she brings
fire to her power yoga classes, building heat and intensity to create a
physically challenging experience that people can easily connect with.
For Jess (you can call her Jess), yoga is a laboratory to experiment
in, make mistakes, get (really) messy, and eventually have a breakthrough. She is a real example of the confidence and strength that is possible with this transformative work and she is all about sharing it with anyone and everyone.

Jess has been practicing for seven years and teaching for over four.
She studies primarily with Baron Baptiste, as well as many others.
After completing her first 200-hour training in 2010, she went on to
Levels 1& 2 with Baron and is completing an apprenticeship with the master teacher this summer. She's also a Boston girl, so don¹t be surprised if you hear a "wicked" every now and then.


Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30pm - Vinyasa

Danni is a Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor, 200hr Registered Yoga Instructor through Core Power Yoga, and is now currently working toward his 500hr RYT. Experienced and sought-after as a power, vinyasa, yin/restorative, sculpt, and hot yoga instructor, he is very excited to connect and share his passion with people all over.

A skilled and charismatic teacher, Danni finds it easy to relate to people with many different backgrounds and life experiences­—his life hasn’t always been easy. Coming from a tough childhood and late teenage years blurred by frustration, drugs, alcohol, and a near-death brush with cancer, Danni credits yoga with making him healthy and opening up his life to a world of positive opportunities that he’s now truly grateful to be able to share with others.

When he’s not working with individual clients or teaching group classes, he is usually rock climbing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing, skateboarding, swimming, attending a local music festival, DJ-ing at a local club, or volunteering with at-risk high school kids.


Sundays 9:30am - Power
Sunday 4pm
- Yin

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self" - The Bhagavad Gita.  Julia stumbled upon yoga accidentally and iscovered firsthand what a wild and powerful ride that journey to the self could be. Through her practice, Julia explored uncharted territory to find growth, connection and openness in places she didn't know yoga could even affect. Julia's own physical, mental and spiritual transformation led to her passion of teaching the power of breath and movement to others. She was certified to teach Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in 2013 with LifePower Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia. As a teacher, Julia emphasizes a strong connection to the breath with a sense of adventure and challenge, on and off the mat.


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